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3 min readOct 4, 2021


We’re happy to announce that a new Paw Tank and 2 farms are available on Polycat, featuring Dogira: a project that aims to be a revolution for gaming and NFTS on the Polygon Blockchain!

Start here:

Dogira :

The PAW Tank 🐾

It’s simple, stake PAW tokens to earn Dogira tokens. Here are the deets:

  • Total Allocated Tokens: $90,000 of Dogira.
  • Distribution duration: 80–95 days. (block speed)
  • Start block: 19760000
  • Finish block: 23069245
  • Rewards per block: ~2.9

The Farms 👩‍🌾

There are 2 new farms for Dogira on our AMM:


🟢 These are now running on ☝🐱

What is Dogira? 🐕

Dogira is an ambitious project merging innovative DeFi farming and staking mechanics, with high-quality blockchain gaming and utility-based NFTs.

The goal of creating Dogira’s “DoFi” ecosystem is to create an interconnected network of fun and engaging play-to-earn games. Through this network, Dogira holders can stake their tokens to earn the tokens associated with DoFi games — which can then be staked to Dogira.

This positive feedback loop is designed to keep blockchain gaming economies healthy and thriving. Later, Dogira holders can also stake their tokens for a chance to earn utility NFTs such as in-game items, exclusive art, and more.

All of this is made possible with the speed and low-overhead the Polygon network provides. Gaming on the blockchain should be fun, which is why it’s important to create a more seamless experience with reduced load times and transaction confirmation periods.

While Dogira’s farming and DeFi mechanics are still in development, we are proud to provide an AMM experience that will help dogs and cats alike, to prepare for Dogira’s blockchain gaming debut!

What makes Dogira Unique? 🧐

Dogira’s DoFi ecosystem was created to do more than feature promising blockchain gaming projects — the project has also launched Dogira Studios.

With their very own in-house game development team, they’ll be able to create games that are designed from the ground up to be fun and utilize the staking and utility NFT mechanics they’ve been working on.

What makes Dogira truly different is their commitment to the art of creating video games.

The Lead Developer, Eoghan Hayes, is a seasoned SDK developer who has worked on a myriad of high-profile games. Along with an in-house artist and two Unity Developers, they’ve been working on a proof-of-concept game and a larger full-release project.

On top of all this, they’ll be one of the first gaming-focused ecosystems to work with other projects to natively support their tokens and create many different avenues to accumulate valuable tokens for some of the best games around.

Dogira Details

If you want to learn more about the project, please find details on the whitepaper:

Telegram ▶️
Announcement channel ▶️
Twitter ▶️
Website ▶️



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