New Fish Tank on Polycat Finance: Dogematic

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2 min readJul 3, 2021


💰 Stake FISH, earn DM.

We’re happy to announce a new Fish Tank on Polycat, featuring Dogematic, a project that aims to make Polygon a safer environment by compensating victims of rug pulls, performing audits and giving to charity at the same time.

Start here:

The Fish Tank

It’s simple, stake FISH tokens to earn DM tokens.

Total Allocated Tokens: 1,000,000 DM

Distribution duration: 30 days

Start block: 16494800 (approx. July 04 2021 at 7:40 PM UTC)

Finish block: 17660647 (approx. August 03 2021 at 12PM UTC)

Rewards per block: 0.85 DM

What is Dogematic?

Dogematic has appealing tokenomics where with every transaction 5% are added to liquidity pool, but another 5% rewarded to token holders. But it is actually a set of three other features that make it really different:

1) Save The Rugged Guys (STRG) — an initiative that reimburses investors of rugged projects. The community will decide which projects to refund by sending part of invested money to those who are holding Dogematic tokens.

2) The Seal of Trust — Dogematic team will perform audits and validate projects on Polygon network to signal investors in crypto space when it is safe to invest

3) A Charity Fund — Dogematic is here to stay and to grow along with Matic, so the project will be giving our holders the opportunity to experience life-changing events and give back to the society

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