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4 min readJul 5, 2021


💰 Stake FISH, earn BPUL.

We’re happy to announce a new Fish Tank on Polycat, featuring Polypulsar, a project that aims to integrate yieldfarming and blockchain gaming.

Start here:

The Fish Tank

It’s simple, stake FISH tokens to earn BPUL tokens.

Total Allocated Tokens: 31,000 BPUL

Distribution duration: 10 days

Start block: 16571000 (approx. Tuesday July 06 at 06PM UTC)

Finish block: 16945806 (approx. Friday July 16 at 7AM UTC)

Rewards per block: 0.079 BPUL

What is Polypulsar?

Polypulsar is the most burn effective project on Polygon thanks to its tokenomics and games. We have created a model both for yieldfarm and for game enthusiasts. The whole model in Polypulsar is designed to reward long term holders and/or players who are actively engaged with the project.

The project offers an entertaining cycle of farming experience in 5 steps:

  1. Farm to earn BPUL
  2. Use your BPUL to play Bounty Hunter and earn BNT
  3. Use your BNT to play Pulsarena to get into leaderboard
  4. Collect the profits made from the platform if you have a place in leaderboard
  5. Repeat

Or you could just farm as a simple man/woman to enjoy the high APR if you are not into the extra action.

Native Farms

Bounty Hunter

Bounty hunter is a PvE game with where your NFT character tries to complete four different missions:


Paul Peirce is an ex-soldier trying to solve the problems of Pulsarians.

Paul Peirce

This bad boy will earn you Bounty Tokens (BNT) as you complete missions. What is more, as he completes more and more missions, he will earn XP to level up and become stronger. When he finally reaches level 100, he can retire and starts receiving a pension, which will give you passive BNT income.


After you get your precious BNTs from bounty hunter game, you can start buying alien pets and fighting other players in the arena.

Legendary Lymaxus

These pets will also level up as you win matches against your opponents and you can watch them evolve. They will not get less ugly but they will get more powerful.

Legendary Lymaxus

Each fight won in the arena will give you score points. If you have high score at the end of each day, you will receive handsome rewards from the leaderboard.

Leaderboard Rewards

After the reward distribution, pet scores of those who received rewards will be reset, and a new competition will begin.

The whole model is designed to be a fun way to make profit in yield farming. Since all the tokens spent playing the game are burned, the whole ecosystem of Polypulsar is less affected by the inflation problems.

The money for the leaderboard is provided by the revenue generated from our projects. The rewards will be increasing as we keep developing more features to increase the utility of our tokens.

Some of our short term plans include:

  • Creating pets for other projects in exchange for distributing rewards with the tokens they provide
  • Enabling bounty hunter game to be playable with any token pair: This will allow any project to burn their tokens more effectively than the traditional buyback & burn model.
  • A new reward distribution contract to reward multiple tokens at the same time, which can increase the competition and create new partnership opportunities with other projects.

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