New QuickSwap Vaults, Feed The Cat Contest, and Moar! 🙀

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4 min readOct 14, 2021

Today we’ve got more great news and progress to share with our fine feline fur-ends.

Here’s the TL;DR:

  • We’ve got shiny new QuickSwap vaults — if you’re using QS vaults be sure to check if you need to migrate! 🐈🐕🐎🐅🦅
  • We’re starting a new monthly contest to help steer & drive governance, and capture quick wins — it’s called Feed The Cat: win FISH or PAW by submitting your ideas! 🍜

For fur-ther details, please read on! 🐱🧾

Gibs Us News! 🐱📰

New QuickSwap Vaults

The short version of this tail — if you were on a QuickSwap vault, please check the Vaults page as you may need to migrate. ☝🐱

In the past week, new QuickSwap vaults were deployed… twice! 🖖😼

Let us explain:

  • With the increase in Polygon gas prices, we needed to ensure compounding continued to occur at an optimal rate. ⛽😾
  • QuickSwap LPs stopped emitting QUICK rewards, and new pools were created by them for dQUICK rewards ongoing.
  • A few days later, QuickSwap released new WMATIC-paired farms that provided dual farming rewards in both dQUICK & MATIC, as part of their birthday celebrations — happy birthday folks! 😸🎉🎂
Dat Compound Button… 👀💦

The new vaults come with a bunch of shiny new features:

  • New Vaults still auto-compound, at an optimal rate offsetting the increased 30 GWEI network gas cost. ♻⛽
  • We now have a manual Compound button, with bounty and cost shown underneath. Feel free to smash compound, for you and everyone else in the vault! 🐾💥
  • Our Compound button is special: it rewards you for compounding on behalf of everyone in the vault. The Estimated Gas Costs are shown with the Compound Bounty: whenever the bounty surpasses the gas, you’re rewarded for helping out! 🤑
  • There’s more features and improvements, which we’ll be detailing in an upcoming article! 🤓💱

Feed The Cat

Lots of you have been asking for a more direct route to our furry ears — we’ve heard you loud and clear! 🙀📣✋🐱

While some of our team members are focusing on getting the governance and DAO cogs turning, we’ve decided to start a monthly contest to reward you feline fur-ends for engagement and commitment to making Polycat a better platform!

Starting this month (October), you can submit your ideas directly to us. Any idea you like — as big or small as it may be. You can submit one form per calendar month.

Access this month’s contest submission form here:

Feed The Cat: Contest Submission Form

How It Works:

  1. You can submit 1 form, as elaborate as you want.
  2. Only ONE submission per user, but you can edit it throughout the month.
  3. Submissions will be closed at 00:00 UTC on the first day of the next month, when a new Feed The Cat Round will start.
    This round will close at the end of 31 October 2021, UTC.
  4. The team will review all submissions after closing time.
  5. Users who have submitted the winning ideas will be announced throughout the first week of the following month.

The Prize:
Winners will be rewarded with $150 worth of FISH or PAW
, depending on which token your idea impacts/focuses on. 😸💰

Idea Implementation:
Some ideas may be quickly implemented, while others may be required to go through a proposal and vote, via the DAO governance system that’s being worked on.

It is our hope that we can help steer and guide some of the excellent ideation within the community, provide a starting point to discuss and build out possible proposal ideas, and engage the community to invoke a community-driven proposal where desired. 🗳⚙

We also want to cut the bull — where no governance is required, and an idea is considered low hanging fruit, we hope to quickly implement these ideas for quick wins. 🏁🐈

That’s It Fur Nao!

As always, we want to take a moment to express our gratitude to all of you who continue to support, believe in, and encourage our ecosystem. It’s not been great price action for many tokens as of late, and we have all felt the squeeze.

We appreciate those of you who have stuck it through with us! 😽💦💑

We are committed to growing the Polycat ecosystem, improving our products, bringing new features, and reaching a community-run state via DAO governance.

Good things take time. 🙏🐱

Thanks for staying tuned, fur-ends! We’ll be back soon, with more exciting releases, news and progress… Very thoon™!

A Polycat Community Cat.




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