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4 min readAug 28, 2021


Are you thinking of launching on Polygon? We’ll give you the hand (paw?) we wish we would have had when we did.

We launched our AMM exactly 18 days ago.

In the span of those 18 days, we’ve accumulated a total volume of 167 Million dollars (daily volume on average is $5 Million), and our AMM’s liquidity is currently sitting at $100 Million.

We’ve quickly become the 4th most used DEX in all of Polygon, and we — of course — want to continue growing.

Polycat Finance Liquidity Incentives

The concept is simple: we are inviting new projects to use our LPs and earn swap fees by doing so.

This is a mutually beneficial agreement in which our partners can earn something no other DEX is offering: swap fees, directly from us to them.

We will offer new projects 25% (subject to change) of our swap fees being paid back to them, as well as a direct listing in our exchange. Provided they meet the following 3 conditions:

  • Sign up through this form (ANYONE can apply, we will immediately review your application)
  • Your project MUST use our DEX (CAT LPs)
FISH example

On top of this, if your token reaches $1 Million liquidity in our AMM, we will also host a Farm for you, rewarding $PAW.

PAW farms

Reminder: Our fee distribution

Each trade on Polycat’s DEX has the following fees:

💲 0.10% to all LP providers +
🔥🐾 0.12% to burn PAW +
🔥 🐟 0.02% to burn FISH
0.24% total
25% of this total
would be paid back to you, or 0.06% of each swap. (subject to change)

Additional Incentives: rugdoc.io’s Reviewed Vaults

There’s more to our program than just us: as soon as we partner up, we will submit your project for review to one of our biggest partners: https://rugdoc.io.

After you’ve been reviewed by rugdoc.io, if you’re considered safe, we will also auto-compound your native farms in our vaults section, adding volume to your tokens and earning you more swap fees, everybody wins.

We hope this has been informative enough, if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to @FinnTheAdventurer on Telegram or finn@polycat.finance by e-mail.

Let’s talk about the things we’ve been working on while all of this activity has been going on.

Frontend version 2.1.0

This update came in unannounced but — like we mentioned before — we were first rather focusing on getting things to work.

After we made sure things were working, we focused on making them more user friendly.

With the version 2.1.0 of our Frontend, came the following main changes:

  • Our DEX interface is now fully integrated into our website (no more separate website to swap tokens)
  • We’ve completely reworked the behind the scenes. This isn’t very visible at first sight, but the website will now run better and faster.
  • We added a User Menu, allowing our users to customize slippage and gas settings, with recommended GWEI being fetched directly from an API to ensure the best option is always offered.


The other main thing we’ve been working on, is our own analytics page (https://info.polycat.finance).

This is a very useful tool to track activity on our DEX, one that was necessary before launching our Liquidity Incentives program.

Closing words

The time has come for us to focus on partnerships.

Like we mentioned before, we needed to focus on functionality before actually being ready to offer all of this.

Website: https://polycat.finance
Telegram: https://t.me/PolycatFinance
Twitter: https://twitter.com/PolycatFinance
Discord: https://discord.gg/polycatfinance
Gitbook: https://docs.polycat.finance



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